Re: [orca-list] Linux Accessibility: qt-at-spi 0.2 released

On Wednesday 14. March 2012 17.14.09 Hammer Attila wrote:
Hy Frederik,

I would like congratulation new QT At-spi release.
Fixed the new release with a Skype tree table related problem?
One user reported me with phone when he's using Skype contact list with
QT At-spi prewious release with Ubuntu Precise now containing, Orca
perfect spokened the contacts, but he says different contact are
selected with Orca spokened.
For example, select a contact, Orca spokening a contact name, but when
he want call the selected contact, another contact are called.
I not verifyed yet this problem, because I am not in home this day.
Anybody confirm this issue?

I don't think it fixes tree views. I know there are several not so easy to 
solve issues and this needs serious investigation.
Mostly text editing should be improved, also thanks to Joanies feedback.

Testing skype is hard since it's a binary blob that comes in a 32 bit version, 
so I personally really don't want to touch it. That is independent of making 
trees work which needs of course to be done.


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