Re: [orca-list] Linux Accessibility: qt-at-spi 0.2 released

W dniu 14.03.2012 15:58, Frederik Gladhorn pisze:

the qt-at-spi bridge enables accessibility via screen readers for Qt
applications on Linux.

I'm happy to release the Qt AT-SPI bridge 0.2.0 into the world. Based on some
user feedback I could fix a few things. It's also nice to note that the Qt 5
version of the bridge is up to date and working even better since we could
make some improvements in the internals.

Changes since 0.1:
* Sent the right text for text insert/delete events when editing text
What is that, actually?
* Password line edits are marked as such
* Improved exposing of keyboard shortcuts
And that, just making sure if it's the thing I think aboout...
* Fix menus (again)
* Expose more action interfaces
* Some table/list improvements (hopefully)

And quite a bit of cleanup, as always.

Dependencies: Qt 4.8.0

What is that thing? A bridge that lets Qt applications interface with the AT-
SPI accessibility framework that GNOME provides. For users that mostly means
that the Orca screenreader should work nicely with Qt applications.

You need a distribution that uses AT-SPI 2 (check your packages, any recent
distro should do, this is part of standard GNOME).

The source can be found here:

The commit you should grab is: a213019e84732da7fea5162f8c79ee42b8a3b576,

Or download the tar.gz from gitorious:
$ sha1sum qt-at-spi-qt-at-spi-v0.2.tar.gz

The plugin for Qt 4 does not get loaded unless an environment variable gets
set, so there should be no risk of anyone blowing up their system.

In order to enable the plugin, export "QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1".

For Qt 5 this is no longer needed.


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