Re: [orca-list] If have more than 2200 messages in Thunderbird inbox folder, Thunderbird launching always very slow if Orca running

Hey Attila.

The other day when I saw your report and debug.out, I spent quite some
time trying to reproduce it. I noticed a couple of things: When
downloading messages with Thunderbird, even without Orca running and
even with Accessibility support disabled, Thunderbird started chewing up
huge amounts of CPU and also caused Xorg to do the same. However, even
when this was going on, Orca presented Thunderbird immediately. (Talking
over the noise being made my by CPU fan. <smiles>) I was not able to
reproduce the delay or the timeout tracebacks you are seeing. So I still
wonder if you are really using the latest ATK (which has a fix for the
original delay you reported).

Take care.

On Thu, 2012-03-08 at 07:09 +0100, Hammer Attila wrote:
Hy Jason,

If accessibility are not enabled and I leave Thunderbird in my orca-list 
folder with have 5500 messages, Thunderbird launch about 3 second if my 
wife see right this.
I don't no full sure, but we see similar results when Orca not running.
Anybody confirming similar test result if have more messages a mail 
folder in Thunderbird?
Need a confirming test because my Precise installation doesn't working 
full right.
I tryed the required test with Thunderbird monday daily build.

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