Re: [orca-list] Ring in the New Year by typing numbers!

Hey Joanie,

This seems to be working fine.

Just a minor quibble; could Orca not provide feedback when the numlock state is toggled, e.g "numlock on" / "numlock off"?


On 02/01/12 02:00, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey guys.

Apologies for the silly subject. I guess this is why advertising
agencies don't come knocking at my door to hire me.<shrugs and smiles>

I have just committed to master the change which frees up the NumPad.
Now, if you use Orca's Desktop Layout and NumLock is locked, your NumPad
works like one would expect. Yay!

This does, of course, mean that in this state of NumLock being locked,
no Orca commands which require any of the keypad keys will work. In
other words, pressing KP_Insert with NumLock locked gives you a 0. Thus
pressing KP_Insert + Q to quick Orca will result in a 0q -- and not Orca
quitting. But if you have at least locking keys keyechoed, you should
find the state gets reported correctly so it's not hard to figure out
what just happened. So... Give it a spin and let me know what you think,
along with any bugs or strangeness.

So having tried it and ensured it works as you'd want, the next
question / topic to +1/-1 on is: By default there are *no* alternative
bindings now. Those few that show up in the column are not even
alternative, but the end range of the existing set. So... Do we need the
alternative binding column within the GUI? (Note, this has nothing to do
with rebinding or profiles with different bindings.)

Lastly, I would bet money that there are going to be some people saying
"But what about the xdesktop branch?" So allow me to answer that: While
the patch to master was mostly ripping out code, there's an excellent
chance that this was all I needed to do because of the huge refactor I
have underway. In other words the xdesktop branch is rapidly having
little resemblance to master. Therefore, time will be required for me to
sort out what additional changes might be needed in xdesktop.
Furthermore, "in the old days" (i.e. GNOME 2, AT-SPI1 and early AT-SPI2,
etc.) there was a valid reason or two why we couldn't enable the NumPad
functionality. I don't remember what exactly it was, but it was there.
The xdesktop branch is meant to work in those "old days" systems. So
even once I sort out what additional changes I would need to make for
that branch, the end result might still blow up for at least some users.
So I'm really hesitant to introduce instability in a branch users might
be really be counting on for stability.

Any other questions, bug reports, celebratory emails consisting solely
of quickly-typed algebraic expressions, etc., y'all know where to find

Take care and happy new year!

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