Re: [orca-list] any one using emaics in gnome terminal with Orca?

Or, this:

    1.  Set pulse audio system wide mode.
2.  sudo apt-get install speechd-up
3.  sudo SPEECHD-UP
(all caps)

There's also the other way with espeakup which has been documented on this list before.

Alex M

On 4/18/2012 8:04 PM, Jason White wrote:
Krishnakant mane<krmane gmail com>  wrote:
Hello Jasen,
I wish to know how I can get speakup running on Ubuntu 12.04.
I think there must be so seperate instructions for kernel 3.0x?
Try asking on the Speakup list.
The espeakup package (which is in Debian and probably Ubuntu) should work, and
Speakup modules should be in the kernel already.

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