Re: [orca-list] [Kde-accessibility] thunderbird getting bad to worst, is evolution a good choice?

Thanks Jason.
Please see message below:

On 10/04/12 09:48, Jason White wrote:
Please send this to the mailing list; you replied directly to me, which was
probably a mistake and not what you meant to do.

Rob Whyte<fudge thefudge net>  wrote:

The account type list view does not read straight away.
Had to flat review at first.
I encountered an edit box which had no description, tabbed to a list
view with no item announced.
After flat review I found that I still did not know what the edit
box did but I could arrow up and down the list box of account types.
After failing to setup my imap google apps gmail account and not
being able to find the partially setup account or read the menu
titles with unity I gave up.

Rob Whyte

On 10/04/12 09:26, Jason White wrote:
Frederik Gladhorn<frederik gladhorn de>   wrote:
in the discussion of accessible mail clients, I'll throw in a new candidate.

I'd like feedback on the latest KMail.
Last summer Jose Milan worked on improving that.
I've heard that it is a good mail user agent, so it would be well worth
testing if someone has time.

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