Re: [orca-list] thunderbird getting bad to worst, is evolution a good choice?

krishnakant Mane <krmane gmail com> wrote:
I have to read and reply a lot of emails every day.
I have a lot of attachments that come my way in form of odt and ods files.
I need to often attach documents myself.
I also need a good serch feature so that I can look at my archives.
With my given requirement, is alpine good or mutt?

Either would be fine.

Mutt is better if you like regular expressions: you can search and limit the
displayed messages via regular expression matching, and there's also now a
script that enables you to use Notmuch with Mutt. I haven't tried it yet, but
it's on my list of possible enhancements.

In general, Mutt takes more work to configure than Alpine, but it's also a
more powerful tool.

You should also consider setting up Fetchmail or Offline Imap. Again, this is
all well documented on the Web.

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