Re: [orca-list] I experience very positive results with new QT Accessibility Bridge related with Skype

Hi Attila,

Mind giving us a detailed description how you got the Qt accessibility
up and working? I've been working at this for two weeks and am getting
nowhere real fast. I followed all the docs to the letter, compiled
everything, set the proper flags, and zip. None of the test
applications that come with qt-atspi or the Qt based apps I have
installed on Ubuntu 11.04 talk. Orca just sees a blank screen. Its
driving me a bit nuts, and I've all but given up on Qt/KDE
accessibility at the moment because I'm not getting anywhere. Some
advice as to why my qt accessibility is busted would help.


On 9/23/11, Hammer Attila <hammera pickup hu> wrote:

I sending this letter both this list and Orca list.
I looked how works new QT accessibility bridge for example with Skype,
and I experienced very positive results and good progress, thank you
everybody hard work with working QT accessibility. I using Orca Screen
reader, and don't have sighted assistance when I tested Skype with the
new QT accessibility bridge, so if I determining wrong a Skype dialog
control or test result, excuse me everybody.

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