Re: [orca-list] Still issues with Orca

If you have Braille going, Orca must be running (I would think).  Are
you sure speech dispatcher is working? Ue spd-say from a console to
see if you hear anything.  Sorry if you already did this.  Just trying
to pin this down.  Sound issues are becomming a real problem for many
people these days.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:53:30AM +0200, Christian wrote:
Hi all,
Well, I still have problems with Orca. I have now upgraded to the latest git build of Orca, v3.3.1 pre, but 
the problems are still there.
I am still not able to open up the Orca preferences dialog and I get no speech, although I now have speech 
during the accessibility setup. However, when orca says that accessibility support for Gnome has now been 
enabled and you need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect and I press y for yes, 
nothing seems to happen.
I think that this has been discussed, but from my experience from earlier versions I could simply reboot 
the system, so I did so. But now, I am having these issues, no speech and not able to open up the Orca 
preferences dialog, but the braille is working.
So, any tips?
Could that logout thing be the case anyway?
Many thanks for any help,

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