Re: [orca-list] Bottom panel, desktop

Actually, it didn't work for me. It seems that gnome-tweak-tool requires gnome-shell to run and there ain't no way I'm gonna install shell again for a very long time! Any other way to run this program?

On 05/09/2011 04:36 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey all.

Yes, Ctrl+Alt+d gives me nothing either.  I can't seem to get any
answers concerning the desktop in gnome 3.  I'm beginning to think
there isn't one anymore.

You are correct: Desktop is gone. I rather miss it since that was where
I used to put things I needed to be sure I attended to. Regardless....
You can sort of get the Desktop back via gnome tweak tool. By "sorta" I
mean that officially you can get it back, but items on my Desktop
continue to not show up until I first explicitly launch Nautilus (i.e.
via Alt+F2).<shrugs>

Hope this helps.

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