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Is it absolutely necessary to use pulseaudio in Arch with gnome3? If so I may stick with what I have already. It's nice to be able to play audio games in wine without having the lag introduced by pulse.
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On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 18:02 +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
If all speech output on your system was affected then it sounds like it 
might be another pulseaudio issue. I have been able to get a reasonably 
satisfactory set up now on my laptop which uses pulseaudio (thank you 
Halim), although I still feel pulseaudio is over complicating things.

Halim posted a example to the list, put that somewhere 
pulseaudio will find it (I put it in /etc/pulse/, although be 
aware that is system wide and user settings may override it, a problem I 
hit). Now archlinux also provides a asound.conf file to configure alsa 
applications to use pulseaudio's emulation, comment out the content of 
this file as we want alsa applications to access alsa directly. 
Configure speech-dispatcher to use alsa (NOTE: I have had issues where 
speech-dispatcher has not worked properly with pulseaudio, if you want 
to use speech-dispatcher with pulseaudio I would recommend using it 
through libao). Now restart the system (I recommend restarting as it 
ensures everything has actually been stopped and reloads configurations.

If you still have issues there is one thing which may be wrong: As I 
mentioned if you put in the /etc/pulse directory user 
settings may override this, I had an issue where my GDM user had the 
default device pulseaudio would use was the actual hardware and so block 
the device), in this case check your settings (look at files in 
~/.pulse) in any user where sound isn't working properly.

I hope this works, it did for me.

Michael Whapples
On 01/-10/37 20:59, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Hey, I just decided to try and fire up gnome after all the Arch Linux
> packages updated to gnome 3.  I also pulled out orca-git for now so I
> could establish a base line by using orca-3.01 from the Arch repo.
> When I installed Orca package, it also brought in at-spi2 and pyatspi2
> as dependencies.  But when I do 'startx' gnome starts up but I get no
> sound at all! I then thought I would tryh to force Orca to start again
> by running from the run dialog and I got "Welcome to Orca" spoken but
> nothing after that.  then I discovered that I lost all speech - even
> on the console.  I had to reboot to get at least, back to a working
> console.
> Are there suggestions on what else I need to do to get gnome3 + Orca
> working properly? I recall directions on the Arch wiki for gnome 3 but
> I would think that wouldn't be necessary anymore since gnome3 is now
> the current default.
> Any help?

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