[orca-list] Gnome3, Orca and ArchLinux

Hey, I just decided to try and fire up gnome after all the Arch Linux
packages updated to gnome 3.  I also pulled out orca-git for now so I
could establish a base line by using orca-3.01 from the Arch repo.

When I installed Orca package, it also brought in at-spi2 and pyatspi2
as dependencies.  But when I do 'startx' gnome starts up but I get no
sound at all! I then thought I would tryh to force Orca to start again
by running from the run dialog and I got "Welcome to Orca" spoken but
nothing after that.  then I discovered that I lost all speech - even
on the console.  I had to reboot to get at least, back to a working

Are there suggestions on what else I need to do to get gnome3 + Orca
working properly? I recall directions on the Arch wiki for gnome 3 but
I would think that wouldn't be necessary anymore since gnome3 is now
the current default.

Any help?

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