Re: [orca-list] Any known issues with simulated mouse clicks in Firefox 4?

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 2:31 AM, Nolan Darilek <nolan thewordnerd info> wrote:
I have a site which requires me to simulate a left mouse click on some links
using orca-7--in laptop mode, anyway. This works fine under Firefox 3.6, but
fails under 4.0.
The problem I have with reporting this is that it happens in a site that
requires login ( There are a number of search
criteria on that page that are represented as links, but which can't be
triggered with enter. And this *does* work on some sites, so it isn't
universally failing, but it seems to work less reliably in 4.0 than it did
in 3.6.

I can reproduce with problem with firefox 4 without login or
registration on front page. With firefox 3.6, going
to "Everybody" either with structural navigation, either tabbing to it
and simulating left click with orca pop up the menu. With firefox 4,
goinyg to it with structural navigation and simulating left click
works, but going to it using tab and simulating left click does not.

Can you confirm that it works for you with ff4 if you use structural navigation?



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