Re: [orca-list] Pondering a new email client.

I have been using Thunderbird too and love it.
Yet I am the other way round as far as this thread is concerned.
Can some one give me some good instructions and getting started steps for mut?
And yes Can I use it with Orca?
Does it help with attachments?
I have 2 mailboxes which I almost frequently use.
Is mut good enough for 2 inboxes at a time?
Happy Hacking.

On 16/03/11 06:40, Kyle wrote:
I like Thunderbird, but although it works with Orca quite well, it doesn't have GPG support out of the box, and it doesn't handle large mailboxes, or rather, large IMAP folders well. The larger the folder gets, the more sluggish it becomes. However, unless someone else has a recommendation, Thunderbird has been great to work with, and in spite of its problems, I would recommend it, as I use it fulltime.
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