Re: [orca-list] Pondering a new email client.

Luke Yelavich <themuso ubuntu com> wrote:
So I am at the point where I feel that its time for a change of mail client.
Ever since I switched to Linux full-time in 2004, I have used mutt. Now that
I recently changed my mail setup from POP3 to imap, and am having to manage
multiple imap accounts with mutt, I find myself having to use offlineimap
and mutt to manage multiple accounts in a sane way. 

I am also considering a migration away from Mutt, but there are a few issues
standing in the way.

The client that I'm interested in is Notmuch (
with the Emacs interface. Particularly attractive is its use of searching and
tags rather than folders as a means of organizing mail. It is apparently
possible to run it over ssh, so that the Notmuch database and the maildir
directories containing the messages need not be stored on the local system.

Otehr options are Gnus (an excellent NNTP news reader, which also supports
mail, but has a reputation for performance issues) and Claws-mail, which last
I heard wasn't very accessible.

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