Re: [orca-list] Gdm 3 and Orca configuration

Jason White <jason jasonjgw net> wrote:
I have received information off-list regarding how to configure it for
accessibility but there are still issues to be sorted out.

Thanks to Sebastian Humenda, here are instructions for enabling Orca in GDM 3
under Debian. This works for me. It will need adaptation for other

As root, type the following:
sudo -u Debian-gdm gconftool --type bool \
--set /desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_reader_enabled true

You can of course type it as one line without the \

You should also consider copying your ~/.orca directory to /var/lib/gdm3 to
enable the desired Orca settings to be loaded by GDM. If you do this, remember
to change the ownership of the files that you've copied:
chown -R Debian-gdm.Debian-gdm /var/lib/gdm3/.orca
Next, run service gdm3 start (or if you don't have the service command,
/etc/init.d/gdm3 start) and Orca should be started automatically. I had to
press the tab key once to reach the first menu item, and the use the up/down
arrow keys to select an item. I don't know whether this is the intended

After I logged in, a new Orca session was started.

I hope this helps others on the list.

Anyone with wiki access is welcome to edit the above and post it.

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