Re: [orca-list] distribution for netbook

On 12/12/11 07:05, Justin Harford wrote:
El 11-12-2011, a las 16:14, Luke Yelavich escribió:

I am guessing that your music folder is rather large. Unfortunately nautilus will take a while to show the folder on any system if the folder has a lot in it. This is because the accessibility framework has to go over the contents of the folder and create accessibility objects for every folder and file that nautilus intends to show graphically.
Hmm, well I guess I could try to not put all my artists in one basket. I wonder if a go around would be to go into the music folder through the gnome-terminal and open an artist from there. For example under the mac terminal there is an "open" command, which, when applied to a directory will open it in the file browser. That way I could jump to the artist that I want to listen to and skip the big overcrowded music folder.

Command line is always the best option.
I would stress here *not just better BEST*
Happy hacking.

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