Re: [orca-list] distribution for netbook

On 12/12/11 05:44, Luke Yelavich wrote:
On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 09:24:08AM EST, Justin Harford wrote:
Hi all

I am a current mac user looking to try linux out. I purchased a netbook aspire 1 and installed vinux on it, 
but find that it is quite slow. Now of course my computer has only 1 gb of ram on it, which means that I 
certainly can't run 100 processes on it all at once like on my macbook which has 4 gb, but I cannot even open 
the folder with my music on it without the machine essentially freezing up. If I wait a good 10 minutes or 
so, I think it will load my songs then, but even for 1 gb, that's a bit much.
I am guessing that your music folder is rather large. Unfortunately nautilus will take a while to show the 
folder on any system if the folder has a lot in it. This is because the accessibility framework has to go 
over the contents of the folder and create accessibility objects for every folder and file that nautilus 
intends to show graphically.

Hi Luke,
Is there another good option for the file browser?
Midnight commander should be accessible as Guess?
Happy hacking.

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