[orca-list] distribution for netbook

Hi all 

I am a current mac user looking to try linux out. I purchased a netbook aspire 1 and installed vinux on it, 
but find that it is quite slow. Now of course my computer has only 1 gb of ram on it, which means that I 
certainly can't run 100 processes on it all at once like on my macbook which has 4 gb, but I cannot even open 
the folder with my music on it without the machine essentially freezing up. If I wait a good 10 minutes or 
so, I think it will load my songs then, but even for 1 gb, that's a bit much. 

I think a lighter variant of linux would be better for this machine. What do you guys think? Is there a way I 
could lighten up vinux, or a good distro out there that you would suggest for me? How about eeebuntu base? I 
was looking at this webpage:


but, I wanted to get some advice before just diving into one. I figured eebuntu base because it said it has 
gnome on it, but beyond that I am not sure. I would be most grateful if someone could give me some 
suggestions, and while I'm not a very advanced user of linux, I am up to doing all the accessibility tweaking 
myself if I did not download a variant that had it all done for me. 

Thanks very much
Justin Harford 

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