Re: [orca-list] distribution for netbook

you know I think I have ended up doing something like that. I went to
the directory of the desired songs and typed

nautilus "album name"

and it just opens the file window of the music I want. Then I just
ctrl a to select it all and open it in the movie player. Works great.
Thanks guys.

I sure would like more command line in my life, but unfortunately I am
not really comfortable with it, and would not know off-hand how to do
regular tasks on the consol, such as email, music, internet etc.
Though I am aware vaguely of ways that exist.

Thanks again. The fact that I am writing this email from linux tells
me that I am moving along.


On 12/11/11, Jason White <jason jasonjgw net> wrote:
Justin Harford <blindstein gmail com> wrote:

Hmm, well I guess I could try to not put all my artists in one basket. I
wonder if a go around would be to go into the music folder through the
gnome-terminal and open an artist from there.

You could just use the shell for the entire operation with commands such as
cd, ls, find, id3v2, and so on, then run mplayer or whatever you're using to
play the audio files.

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