Re: [orca-list] Alternatives to Mozilla based software


I've gotten sick enough of framed graphical mail clients, mutt was the
best choice for me.  But I've never printed anything from mutt (only
PDF attachments people have sent me, so I copy those over to another
machine's desktop and have someone print from there).

Epiphany is Gnome browser once based on Gecko and now based on Webkit.
There is a problem with Webkit that bothers me, and that's skip links
don't work (they don't move your focus down to the destination).  Sure
there are many other ways to navigate the page but if I'm following an 
in-page link, I want/need my focus down there too.  I believe I heard
this is in a bugzilla at webkit but it's old and I dunno when they'll
fix it.


On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 07:44:13PM +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
I have to be honest over time I have drawn the conclusion that Mozilla  
products just seem to always be full of accessibility bugs (at least on  
Linux) and each new release just comes with its own new bag of bugs. I  
am now at a point where I doubt, despite however much work is done,  
Mozilla things will just not work really well.

So I am now wanting to move away from Mozilla based software, which for  
me means finding another email client (evolution is one option and I  
remember earlier this year there was a discussion on other mail clients  
which I will look through) and also another browser. As far as I know,  
webkit based browsers may have some promise at some point. How is the  
webkit support coming along for orca? Beyond that, I can only think of  
the text based browsers, which I admit I do sometimes use, but just will  
not do all websites.

So my question is, other than what I have said, has anyone got any  
suggestions for other email clients and web browsers?

Michael Whapples
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