Re: [orca-list] Alternatives to Mozilla based software

Michael Whapples <mwhapples aim com> wrote:
Yes I have tried pine (alpine is based on pine) and it was
reasonable. In text based email I tended towards cone, which has an
interface similar to pine (only similar, there are certainly
differences). From time to time I do need to print out emails, I am
unsure how to do this from text clients and also whether they could
print images in messages.

A quick package search on my system with aptitude reveals the following, which
may help.

Package: muttprint
Description: Pretty printing of mails
 Muttprint formats the printing of Mutt and other mail clients to be as pretty
 as the printing of Mozilla or Kmail. 
 It can print a little penguin -- or the Debian logo -- on the first page
 (suitable pictures can be found in the ospics package) and a headline on every
 page. Furthermore, it only prints the most important headers, but not the whole
 plethora of them. Finally, it can even print two pages on one page in landscape

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