Re: [orca-list] is ubuntu 11.04 worth a try with Orca?

Hi Alan.

I do hope 11.10 will be safe to wait 
for, however the plan is with that one to drop classic gnome altogether 
and have a fully accessible 3d Unity.

A fully accessible 3d Unity will be awesome. It's great to see Canonical
investing to get things right. Would that more corporations could be
counted on to do so....

This bit, however, worries me:

 The option for hardware that does 
not do 3d will be Unity-2d which is based on QML and is at this point 
looking to be a bit of a nightmare from an a11y perspective.

Not everyone who requires an accessible Unity is going to have the
necessary hardware to run the 3d version. Would you happen to know if
Canonical has assessed what it will take to ensure that this problem is
also addressed in time for the Oneiric release? After all, the Ubuntu
philosophy [1] includes the belief that "every computer user" (and not
just those with the right hardware) "should be able to use all software
regardless of disability."

Take care.


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