Re: [orca-list] rdp

Peter Korn <peter korn oracle com> writes:

Hi Mattias,

    Are it possible to do rdp connections from ubuntu to windows and get
    speech output from jaws?
    I meen you don't have jaws on ubuntu

The challenge with RDP and other remoting technologies (e.g. VNC) is getting
the remote audio. 

I'm not aware of any Linux software that will do this,

If my memory is not totally failing on me, I did this almost a year ago with
the rdp client shipped with VirtualBox (if I remember correctly).  The problem
was more that the licensing model of JAWS sort of forbids remote use by
default, which makes getting audio from JAWS via RDP tricky.  NVDA
nicely though.  Of course, there were certain issues with
audio latency, but the system was indeed useable.


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