Re: [orca-list] Text after <a /> is presented as a link

Am 03.09.2010 08:57, schrieb Mallory van Achterberg:

The HTML code in that site is poorly and incorrectly written.  First,
while a construct such as <div/> might be considered valid XHTML (or
valid XML), this is only true if the document is sent as XHTML 
(application xhtml+xml for MIME type), which this page tries (with the
content meta tag) but fails (server is sending it out as text/html, which
is the only reason why this page actually works in Internet Explorer).

The meta tag content-type was written 2 times into the header. The first
one with text/html and the second one with application/xhtml+xml.

Since the page is really text/html, this  means the browser interprets the 
code as bad "tag soup" HTML.  According to the W3C specs, anchors are
not EMPTY elements like IMG and BR. Also, "name" attributes have been
deprecated for anchors in XHTML.  So whoever wrote this page wrote
it wrong and it's confusing poor stupid Firefox.  Orca can't be 

I must be blamed. I have written this page and stoled the empty anchor
tag by an other page. After changing this <a ... /> to <a>...</a> the
page is correct presented.

Strangely enough, JAWS does not consider it a link in Firefox.  Does Orca
read "generated" source while JAWS reads straight source?

Because the page was correct presented by JAWS, I was thinking it's a
at-spi/GAIL problem.

So, does this information help?

Yes, it does. :-)


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