Re: [orca-list] Text after <a /> is presented as a link

Hi everyone,

this should not be considered an Orca bug, unless Orca is supposed to
know how to deal with markup errors better than the browser itself.

The HTML code in that site is poorly and incorrectly written.  First,
while a construct such as <div/> might be considered valid XHTML (or
valid XML), this is only true if the document is sent as XHTML 
(application xhtml+xml for MIME type), which this page tries (with the
content meta tag) but fails (server is sending it out as text/html, which
is the only reason why this page actually works in Internet Explorer).

Since the page is really text/html, this  means the browser interprets the 
code as bad "tag soup" HTML.  According to the W3C specs, anchors are
not EMPTY elements like IMG and BR. Also, "name" attributes have been
deprecated for anchors in XHTML.  So whoever wrote this page wrote
it wrong and it's confusing poor stupid Firefox.  Orca can't be 

I've made a test HTML page at
(the folder Tests starts with a capital T, everything else is lowercase).

There, I recreated code similar to what Marcus posted.  Then I viewed
the generated source (how the browser sees the HTML after any error
rendering or after Javascript has changed the DOM), and have posted the
results as plain text at

You can see that Firefox is recreating anchors all over the place,
all with the name="skip" attribute that was on the destination link.

Afterwards I have a simply unclosed anchor and it also gets muddled.
You might also find in some older Firefox some markup called
_moz-rs-headers which I found one day after accidentally writing
<a/> instead of </a>.  The number of "new" anchors generated by Firefox
was quite amazing.  One unclosed tag gave me at least 10 new anchors and 
made text afterwards "clickable".

I don't know what Orca could do about this?  Maybe a script needs to be
written (greasemonkey?) that corrects the bad markup of the page??

Strangely enough, JAWS does not consider it a link in Firefox.  Does Orca
read "generated" source while JAWS reads straight source?

Sorry I can't actually test decently in Orca because I still have trouble
controlling stuff with Firefox, or I'm just so used to JAWS.

So, does this information help?

On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 08:55:32PM +0200, Marcus Habermehl wrote:
Am 02.09.2010 18:16, schrieb Steve Holmes:
On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 05:12:16PM +0200, Marcus Habermehl wrote:

I don't know which component has the problem. So I thought I ask here.

On a website (xhtml) an anchor is set by <a name="Seitenanfang" />. The
following text is presented as a link, though it is normal text.

Can you tell me, for which component should I create a bug report?

I didn't see any "following text" in your message.  But that should be
an internal anchor to be jumpped to.  So I wouldn't expect this label
to be spoken at all.I also wouldn't expect this to be showing up

That's right. Here is the part of the html code:

      <div id="willkommen">
        <a name="Seitenanfang" />
        Willkommen<br />bei den<br />Tierfreunden<br />Rhein-Main

The website is

Accerciser is showing the following text as link, too.

In [1]: acc.getAttributes()
Out[1]: ['text-indent:0px', 'text-align:center', 'tag:A', 'display:inline']
In [2]: acc.getRoleName()
Out[2]: 'link'
In [3]:
Out[3]: 'Willkommen bei den Tierfreunden Rhein-Main'
In [4]:

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