Re: [orca-list] Attributes

Hey Tom,

When you post the bug, let me know; this might be an interesting one
for me to sink my teeth as an Orca developer-wanna-be.  It sounds like
it could be an easy fix but I don't own a braille display so might be
challenged at best to properly test.  Now if you figure on fixing it
:), then by all means, I can stay out of the way.  Let me know.

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 07:59:42AM -0700, Tom Masterson wrote:
While working with a document in openoffice I noticed that if you
use orca+f to get the attributes of a word line whatever it does not
show on the braille display.  Since I often work with out speech
turned on I thought for a minute it was broken but as soon as I
turned on speech it worked for speech only.  I would like to see it
on the braille display as well as it is the easiest way to find out
the font, bolding or other styles that I know of.  I have not
entered a bug on this yet but probably will later in the day when I
get some time.

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