Re: [orca-list] intermittent orca key problems

Can't say I've experienced either of these.

On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 09:06:47AM -0500, Robert D. Crawford wrote:
Have I broken some sort of list etiquette or has no one seen the two
problems I have mentioned?  The first one, speaking "ghost" items under
the mouse is here:

and the firefox shortcuts key problem is here:

The problem with the ghost objects I can live with.  I just don't use
that feature in orca.  The lack of keyboard shortcuts in firefox is a
real problem, though.  I can't speak the rest of the document and I
can't open the preferences dialog.  If I hit insert+space it scrolls the

Has anyone had any of these problems or am I the only one?  I'm not
trying to be snitty here, I've been using free software for many years
now and always do my best to be humble, understanding and respectful of
other's time.  I have just never seen the time where I was the only one
who had seen a particular problem.

Thanks for any assistance that can be offered.


"Robert D. Crawford" <robdcraw gmail com> writes:

Hello all,

Sometimes my orca key, set to insert, changes itself to caps lock.  I
currently use my caps lock key as a hyper modifier in emacs/emacspeak
and have both the insert key and the windows logo key set as insert via

Another problem is that the keyboard shortcuts sometimes don't work at
all.  Trying to open the preferences dialog or the firefox preferences
dialog don't fails.  I noticed this when trying to read the rest of the
document via insert+semicolon in firefox.  This did, however work in

I am running Orca 2.32.0under Ubuntu 10.10.


Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw gmail com

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