[orca-list] speech-dispatcher, where else does it get its settings?

I've changed three different speechd.conf's to use ibmtts and not espeak, and I still hear both ibmtts and espeak at the login screen. Ibmtts is the synthesizer used to read the last few lines of the boot sequence before the login screen pops up, and it gets used after I log in. Espeak is the synthesizer that speaks the items on the login screen. Also, I noticed that all copies of this file appear to be the same and that almost all the contents are commented out. Also, having recently had issues with speech dispatcher suddenly not working, I deleted the .speech-dispatcher directory in my home directory, which restored speech functionality in orca. The directory was also restored, but without speechd.conf. So, having said all that, my question is how many of those speech-dispatcher directories, or, in particular, the speechd-conf's, need to exist, and where? What do I need to change in order to have ibmtts used everywhere and not espeak? Not a big issue, but understanding what needs to be there might help me not break anything if I try to build it from source.

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