Re: [orca-list] Calling all braille users. I need your opinions.

On Di, Mai 11, 2010 at 12:59:36 +0200, Halim Sahin wrote:
Hi Joanie,

I think speech related changes shouldn't be displayed on the
It would be enough to announce these changes only in speech.
Ok here are my thought's about orca's braille representation:

1. currently used focus tracking mode is in my opinion not well usable
for brailledisplays.
Braille display's should display more of the physical layout of the
screen. This would make easy use of the routing keys in complex dialog
If you have many symbols (icons) on your gnome desktop it places these
in colmns?
Currently orca shows in its default braille mode only one selected
object like trash or computer.

Switching to flat review shows e. g.
 Computer   trash  

A braille user can easyly use the routing key to select trash or computer
without leaving the brailledisplay.

It would be nice to select flat review as the primary mode for braille
displays for better braille experience.
BTW.: This was diskused severals years ago but don't know why this
wasn't implemented.

2. In fokus tracking mode the brailledisplay should use more symbols for
some controls like sliders, spinbuttons etc.
Orca does this allready for checkboxes or radiobuttons.

3. Line up/down on the brailledisplay switches orca in flatreview.
So it would be nice if we can add more object seperators between
 * buttons
 * Pagetabs

Currently orca seperates these only by adding a single blank.
The user must gues where a button starts and ends :-(.

4. Regarding flash mesages and notifications:
Please make them configurable if not done.


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