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Try an experiment. On a typical, desktop-style, full keyboard press
numpad+0 (insert) and F12. How comfortable is that? It's fine on a
laptop keyboard, as caps+f12 isn't that far off track, but on a desktop
keyboard you might as well go look at the panel... except that, in GNOME
2.30, we can't thanks to a regression in the clock applet.
If we don't like using two keys, then I propose orca+t to either speak
both the time and date at once (something similar to what Window-Eyes
does when you press insert+t) or have date as a double-tap of orca+t.
F12 is just too far out of the way, and there's no reason to copy JAWS
(which is what NVDA did) when we can make it better instead.
Here you say that you don't want to emulate JFW & NVDA, yet you propose 
emulating window eyes!
read on:
I really
don't want to see Orca fall into the trap of copying other screen
readers just for the sake of compatibility. It does a disservice to the
users in the end. GNOME is not Windows, it will never be Windows, and
making Orca copy Windows products too much will cause problems when the
users run into something in GNOME that just isn't the same regardless of
screen reader.
This idea of copying windows products is such because Gnome is meant to 
resemble windows for the sighted, and others who prefer a GUI.  The 
assumption that copying windows screenreaders is a natural extension of 
Gnome emulating the desktop.  Mac uses a GUI environment as well.

True, this is just a date/time keystroke, but I'm
concerned about precedent. Now it's date and time, will it be flat
review commands next because users have to learn something new and some
people think that's too hard? I raise the issue now, because f12 doesn't
make sense as a date/time key *except* for compatibility and only
compatibility with jaws.
Maybe I'm in
Again, there's nothing with compatibility.  As I mentioned in an earlier 
message, I believe it would be to everyone's interest to have a key binding 
associated with the windows screenreader of their liking.  This was a good 
move by window eyes, that is, to give people the option of using a JFW key 
binding.  Microsoft has done this with Microsoft Word, in that users can 
choose to use WP key bindinds.  So indeed, there is a president for making 
key bindings to what people are used to using.

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