[orca-list] Vinux 3.0 USB and DVD Editions!

On behalf of the Vinux Development Team I am happy to announce that final versions of the USB and DVD 
Editions of Vinux 3.0 are now available for download from the website: http://vinux.org.uk/downloads - There 
are three different versions of the USB Edition available - Two of these are simply images of an installed 
USB Vinux system which can easily be copied to a USB pendrive of an equal or greater size using the 'dd' 
command in Linux. The third version is a 'Universal' Edition which can be installed to any USB pendrive of 
1GB or greater on Linux or Windows. Full instructions are available inside the zip file for Windows users. 
The DVD Edition is simply the standard version of Vinux 3.0 with all of the optional EasyInstall packages 
installed by default along with a few bonus packages. Please note that the DVD version contain proprietary 
multi-media codecs and some applications that are only accessible with magnification, but not with a 
screen-reader. This version is perhaps suitable for VI users who have sighted family members and would like 
an OS that all of the family can use. There are some direct download links below:

Vinux 3.0 DVD http://sina.fi.ncsu.edu/Vinux-3.0-DVD.iso

Vinux 3.0 USB 2G  http://sina.fi.ncsu.edu/Vinux-3.0-2GB.img.xz

Vinux 3.0 USB 4G http://sina.fi.ncsu.edu/Vinux-3.0-4GB.img.xz

Vinux 3.0 USB Windows http://sina.fi.ncsu.edu/Vinux-3.0-USB-Win.zip


Dig that crazy beat on the drums: <http://vinux.org.uk>  The best is
getting better!

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