Re: [orca-list] What's the Command I need?

Dear Chris,

Apropos was designed to help locating the right command.

in a terminal, just type apropos <keyword> and you will get a listing of 
things that are relevant to your query.

Also dont under estimate the usefulness of google :)

Obviously we welcome you as a new user, and we want to help, but this is 
the orca mailing list. Issues that are strictly related to orca and 
accessibility should be discussed here.

More general questions might be better answered elsewhere.
Please see the blinux mailing list, which I believe is a more general 
purpose mailing list.

Again, looking forward to hearing your feedback on how to improve orca, 
and how to use it with various applications.

On Thu 10/06/2010 at 13:47:54, Chris Gilland wrote:
What's the command to check and see if a process/pkg is running?  I
know about the system monitor. I'd rather do this in terminal.  I
have my reasons.

I know I could do a killall and kill and restart it, or have it say
it's not running to start with, but, I really don't wanna kill
something I need just for that.

I'm sure there's a way, it's just slipping my mind at the time what
the command is.

Can someone tell me, like:

command [pkgname]?


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