Re: [orca-list] I am really unsure what the deal is

Well let's rain in some things here to be relevant to Orca, I will
focus on Thunderbird.  Let's focus on Thunderbird and none else for
now.  I say this because if you go and try to install two or three
mail clients all at the same time with their different configurations
and you don't understand any of them, you will be in a mile of mud and
no relief in site!  So as suggested earlier try Thunderbird and go
through the mail setup.  For me to try and walk through all this, I
would probably have to scrap my setup for thunderbird and I really
don't wanna have to do that.  I could try and add a new account
though; yeah, I'll try that and see what dialogs come up if the combo
box for choosing protocols isn't visable to Orca, maybe we have a bug
some place.  Choosing between POP3 and IMAP is critical and is
probably one of the first things to be specified.  I think Thunderbird
has some basic profiles to choose from to get things going without
having to specify minute details.  Let me see what I can find here.

Then after you have Thunderbird going, then branch out and try another
mail client like for the command line if that's what you want.  Just
don't go out, thraash around going twenty places at once.  You'll
never get there doing that.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 07:15:04PM -0400, Chris Gilland wrote:
I dono if my e-mail is just inconsistently having issues or if it's
just no one is replying, but I've put up a few questions to this
list, mainly regarding Alpine, and have gotten a few responses but
when I wrote and said those responses still went way over my head,
I've not seen any replies sense.  I'm just wanting to gbe sure that
my e-mail is all being received correctly and that I've not missed
anything, as I'm still trying to get this stupid thing to cooperate
and work.  No matter what I try and how much I read, it's just not
working.  I even took someone's suggestion of starting fresh with
thunderbird, to see if I could set my account up.  I still don't see
the combo box where I can choose pop3 instead of i map.

I understand and respect you all have lives, but, come on, can
someone not help me with this?  Though I appreciate the help so far,
though scarce that I have gotten regarding this, nothing seems to be
working.  All I want for God sake is to have both an option from
gnome to check my mail, as well as from the terminal.  Is that too
much to ask?

Sorry, I know I'm beginning to sound rude, and I don't mean to, it's
just can you guess how frustrating this is?  I have wasted almost 3
days! that I could a been doing other things, just trying to get my
e-mail working correctly.  Should it really take that long to set?
It embarrasses me tremendously to think that you all can read a man
page regardless how advanced, it seems, about 3 or 4 times, then by
then, just go whoosh! boom, there ya go, it's set.  I dono how yall
do it, but I admire all you all who can.  My brane just doesn't work
that way.  I'm not giving up.  parden the language, but God dammit?
I'm gonna get this workin if it kills me, but, I need more
direction, please don't say, r t f m.  I already have.  I just! am,
not? getting it!  Is that not OK?


Chris, who is in? cr'r'edibly! discouraged.

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