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I may try looking into that other client as I know you mentioned it on your blog.
I'm a little scared of the command line, admittedly, but maybe I just need to dive in and face my fear.
is there any way for terminal stuff to set up a user account that unlike my first user, I know that I gotta elevate with sudo to do anything root, but can I make a user that is limited enough and locked down enough where no matter what I try doing, no matter how ungodly hard I try, as long as I'm logged in at that user, no matter what, it would be merely impossible no matter how stupid of a thing I tried, to break anything?
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TTYtter is awesome, probably the best Twitter client I have ever used. It takes a bit of learning though, the commands make sense but take a few reads to memorize. Twitux is ok but kind of lackingin features. You have to build from source to get the ability to RT for example. Another client I have been using recently is pino, but it doesn't work 100% with Orca yet. Maybe soon thoug.
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On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 13:04 -0400, Chris Gilland wrote:
What're people using for Twitter out there?  Frankly, I use Twitux, and o, 
my, God!  In my opinion personally, this has gotta be probably the best 
Twitter Client I ever! have seen for the Gnome desktop.  The only? thing, I 
don't like about it is there isn't that I've found, a way to reply publicly 
to one of your followers.  You can DM them, but you can't reply.  The only 
way is to find their tweet, then using your flat review, see how to spell 
their user name, then hit ctrl n to do a new tweet, and in the edit box, 
manually type in:  @user name: then your reply.  Kind of annoying, but aside 
that, it works fantastically.  Yall should try it if you've been wanting to 
try a client aside what Ubuntu has built in, which btw, I never could get to 

sudo aptitude install twitux

It'll be under you internet aps in your applications menu in your panel.


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