[orca-list] Frequent Crashes in Firefox

I mentioned something like this before but apparently nobody else could reproduce it. I had numerous crashes this morning where I was scrolling around on different pages and then I suddenly would lose speech. Any subsequent press of the up or down arrows would result in a ding but no speech. If I hit the escape key, that silent dialog goes way, Firefox Vanishes and I get speech back. Does anyone else experience this behavior?

I'm using the latest git pull of Orca from 2010-01-29 today on an upto date Arch Linux system with Firefox 3.5.7. I'd file a bug report with a debug file but I can't reliably reproduce this problem. It sucks that I can't make it happen at will. One of those crashes happened just as I was checking out of an online purchase. Thank God it got through without a double billing or any of that. I think when Orca is going silent and that firefox dialog is hanging or something, I have been unable to get sighted help to see what the error is but obviously the error should be spoken by Orca in any case.

I'll keep looking around to see when it will happen again but when it does is when invaribly the debug level won't be set to All. But I have a hot key set now to rotor through the debug levels so I can get there easier but still, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

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