[orca-list] logitech usb headphones

Has anyone gotten logitech usb headset to work more than once? I only got it working one time yesterday and I 
don't know how I did it. I also went into pavucontrol and the device does not show up there. 
I went into a terminal and typed:
alsamixer --card 1
and also :
alsamixer --device USB Mixer
that didn't work.
I even tried changeing the device files by typing: alsamixer enter, f2, then up and down arrowing hitting 
enter then escape to get back to the terminal and still the headphones won't show up in my list of sound 
devices. But I know they are there because alsamixer shows them as being there when I type alsamixer, hit 
enter, press f6 and up and down arrow. I also plugged in the headphones while the computer was off turned it 
back on let it boot and that time now they show up. So I guess the only way to use them is to plug them in 
then reboot the computer for them to show up. That's strange because in windows I just plug them in and they 
work. and with the mac I plug them in and choose them from its sound preferences they do show up in alsamixer 
though but I just can't use them I guess until I reboot the computer. 

Josh Kennedy
jkenn337 gmail com

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