Re: [orca-list] More structural navigation thoughts

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the positive responses on Orca documentation. Michael, by Java I should have said how to install Java ATK Wrapper latest version without breaking Orca or the system in general. Since as you had stated, Java Access Bridge may or may not be obsolete, the last version that I find on the gnome ftp site was produced in July of last year. While Java ATK Wrapper was updated a few days ago. What documentation does the list feel is missing in Orca that would be best for me to start out with? When I start writing documentation, does it matter that I'm using pure 64 bit commands, or should I virtualize a 32 bit OS on one of my 64 bit machines to distinguish the command line differences between 32 and 64 bit? I notice this isn't done at all unless it is absolutely necessary in the Orca Wiki, from what I've read. How well does Orca work in another VM, or should I run it under another OS like Mac OSX and Voice Over with VirtualBox? I ask about virtualization because, yes, I'll make changes to my core OS, but I want a test bed so that if something screws up badly, it will not affect the core. I can troubleshoot and figure out issues as I encounter them.

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