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If you want orca to start in GDM then you must set the gconf keys as described in the orca wiki (remember that page was written for gnome 2.28 so it says the wrong place for the link although it sounds like you've dealt with that).

As for the slow responsiveness, I tend to use gnome-speech, so don't know the exact issue. One thing which comes to mind but I doubt it is this, have you set the /etc/hosts file correctly to list your hostname? The arch wiki installation docs do warn about apps responding slowly if you don't set this properly.

Michael Whapples
On 01/-10/-28163 08:59 PM, Alonzo wrote:

I've got the link in /usr/lib/gdm. I'll try it again though as I don't see orca starting up with gdm. I'll take a look at the wikki since I'm probably missing something. I have arch installed on two machines. One on a laptop (an intel machine with intel video GMA945) and the other my desktop (an AMD system with sis video HP pavalian a1022n). the AMD is a sixty-four bit machine, with an AMD processor of AMD-Atholon-3400+, but I run the speakup image which is for i686 since I only have a gig of ram. Now since I've written in some detail what type of computers i have I've found something I can't reproduce on other distros when using my AMD machine. If I run Ubuntu or Debian Orca is speedy with speechh-dispatcher. I can tab around and go through menus relatively fast. However, when I switch to arch and open a menu using alt-f1 and using the up and down arrows to navigate the menus speech is not as responcive wit Orca. It takes about half a second when its almost instant when using Ubuntu and Debian. Can anyone tell me perhaps what's happening? Perhaps there is some settings I should configure in a python configuration file related to Orca? This of course can be perhaps that this is not an Orca related issue and I have something misconfigured in gnome.

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On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 12:20:16PM -0500, Alonzo wrote:
I dont' quite understanding making the symbolic link
If I'm in the home directory it will put the atspi-registerd i nmy
home directory. I don't think thats what I need to do. Please
explain further.

No, you need to change into the /usr/lib/gdm directory first and then
do the ln -s command.

I don't know exactly why or how to manage these .desktop files and
such but putting the symbolic link in /usr/lib/gdm will enable Orca to
run during gdm login and after logging in to gnome.
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