Re: [orca-list] In Ubuntu 10.04, when Orca is running, impossible to make USB startup disk with usb-creator-gtk application

I think getting Vinux 3.0 out the door is to be of top priority!  To that end, get Firefox 
3.6 and Orca working well together.  USB Disk Creator is usable, if Orca is turned off 
at disk creation time.  

Best Regards,


On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:46:56 -0400, Bill Cox wrote:

The usb-creator-gtk application certainly does update the GUI from a
thread.  I'm tempted to try and change usb-creator-gtk, but this is
actually a bug in the at-spi-registryd.  Personally, I never interfere
with the GUI from a thread.  I think that's really asking for trouble.
QT requires that the main thread deal with the GUI, and I think that
is wise.  However, GTK does not have this restriction, so technically
this is an at-spi bug, and if we want to fix this once and for all, we
need to fix at-spi.  Does anyone have a super-simple test case that
highlights this bug?

I'll find time to look into this, but I think caret browsing bugs in
Firefox is higher priority, and the Vinux 3.0 release is less than a
month away.  Would you guys recommend I come back to this bug after
working some more on Firefox, or is this more pressing?

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