Re: [orca-list] how to select text when in gnome-terminal

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Yes, you can do that but you still have to select the text to be
copied.  That's the thing that frankly, doesn't seem to work anymore.

Also, I used to us that to copy back and forth between gnome and
native text consoles and now that isn't working anymore; last time I
tried, I got errors about an invalid device or some such.  Haven't had
a chance to sort things out on that yet.

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 03:48:04PM +1000, Jason White wrote:
Steve Holmes <steve holmes88 gmail com> wrote:
I really think there should be some way to be able to select text and
copy it to the clipboard while in a terminal.  

There is xclip (see the xclip(1) manual page, and be sure to use the
-selection clipboard option if you want the text stored in the clipboard).

I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but it does work, even in console
sessions if you specify the X display to be used.

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