[orca-list] Feature request - filtering redundancy

Hi everyone,

I would like to request a feature for eventual implementation in Orca.

In many forums, list digests, and other online locations we have to
constantly hear signatures, dates, slogans, and other annoying bits of
text.  While some of this do have value the first time one hears them,
that value quickly decreases to 0 or a large negative number depending on
the philosopher behind the phrase.  My suggestion would be to allow us to
quickly highlight bits of text that can then be filtered out of normal
reading, maybe being replaced with a brief beep.

If one decides to review line by line using the arrow keys, then we get to
hear all that wisdom in all its detail, but when reading straight through
we just hear the beeps.  Very much like bad words being filtered out on

We could have a key combination to turn redundancy filter on and off, and
another to turn the filtering of a specific selected text on and off. 
Even better would be to have the same key combination toggle both
functions depending only on whether there is any text highlighted at the
time it is pressed.

This reminds me: Are there portions of Orca functionality that are
supported by grants?  And is there a mechanism that would allow
individuals or small foundations to contribute towards specific



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