Re: [orca-list] labelledby property for ARIA landmarks

On 16/5/09 08:36, Christian Steinert wrote:
I trying to use ARIA landmarks on a web site and use Orca for
testing. The problem - or at least the surprise that I am facing is,
that the aria-labelledby property seems to be ignored for landmarks
(whereas it does work for live regions).

Consider the following snippet of HTML:

<h1 id="hdr">title text</h1> <div aria-labeledby="hdr"
role="navigation"> <h2>sub-heading</h2> more content... </div>

When I press the  "m" key, then orca will read "sub-heading" instead
of "title-text". Is this behavior intended?

By the draft spec, "title text" is definitely the accessible name for the landmark:

It has no accessible description as far as I can tell.

If you have a navigation feature for landmarks, it would make sense to at least present the accessible name for the item.

So I'd be surprised if this was intended behavior.

Also, it seems that there are no default descriptions for semantic
landmark regions like "main". If I have the following HTML <div
role="main"> <p>here comes the main content...</p> </div> then Orca
will read "here comes the main content..." when I use the "m" key to
navigate to that region. I would have thougt that Orca would instead
provide a default description for this region, e.g. "main content".

This sounds like a sensible feature request.

I use Orca 2.26.1 together with Iceweasel 3.0.9 on Debian/Testing.

It could be the problem is on Gecko's side of things.

What happens with a nightly build of Gecko?

Am I misunderstanding the usage of landmark sections?

I don't /think/ so.

If I should file a bug, then please tell me, where to file it. In the
gnome bug tracker, I did not see a the possibility to tie a bug
specifically to Orca. Also, in that case please let me know if you
have any special bug filing conventions that I should be aware of. is a bug report wizard (in the Applications step, Orca can be found in the Desktop classification).

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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