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Hello, allow me to put my two sence in.
Reguarding opensource vs not free and close sourced software.
1. sip is sometimes hard to get working, especially if your behind a nat an have wireless to contend with. 2. to put this short, skype will work through anything any firewall any network configuration. 3. if you want good voice quality, and a nice program to use, on windows there is teamtalk, but the teamtalk dev is looking in to a linux client.
When on windows, I use teamtalk for all my voice chatting needs.
if you really want something that sounds good contact the developer bearware dude and ask him to make a teamtalk client for linux?
i've been telling him this for years.
also, on the subject of not free terrorist, to not treat krishnakant harshly, sometimes you do not know the proper english terms to use for what you want to express.
Thanks, Farhan

O,n 03/10/2009 07:37 AM, Hermann wrote:
On 10.03.2009 at 13:11:03 Krishnakant<hackingkk gmail com>  wrote:

On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 07:52 -0400, Jacob Schmude wrote:
Because most people don't give a darn about idealism when practicality
is warranted. Let's not continue this, as it will turn into a holy war
that is off topic for this list. If you want to debate the ideals of
free software there are plenty of other places to do it.

While I completely agree that this is off topic (note that many off
topic discussions go un noticed and no one says any thing), I think such
kind of attitude as "care a daan about freedom " is *never to be
unforgiven *.
Infact the "practicality " is the concept this proprietory terrorists
use to jail us into a technology that takes our freedom away and I agree
that if there are free software which are inaccessible, they should be
given priority and that is the most "practical " thing because if there
were *no* alternatives, We can think otherwise.

Would you please turn down your speech? If you want not to be insulted
what you call your "freedom", then be so kind and don't call developers,
that work for companies "terrorists"!
This attitude is not only ideological, but cynical.
How can you call a lot of people that honnestly work for accessibility,
but in the Windows community, "terrorists"? Remember that a lot of
developers worked hard to make Firefox and other Mozilla products
accessible under Windows, to provide alternatives to MS' products? Why
must you insult them?
And one note regarding "alternatives": I know about half a dozen screen
readers for Windows, but only one under Linux' GUI. Any questions?

But let's take this discussion elsewhere may be we can debait on this
offtopic but at least make sure that freedom is not insulted.

We can do so, but I take myself the "freedom" to argue strongly against
such inapropriate behavior.
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