Re: [orca-list] OT Orca, Skype and accessibility workaround

Because most people don't give a darn about idealism when practicality is warranted. Let's not continue this, as it will turn into a holy war that is off topic for this list. If you want to debate the ideals of free software there are plenty of other places to do it.

On Mar 10, 2009, at 07:24, Labrador wrote:

Why should skype (a non free thing) be the first to be accessible
while there are lots of free and opensource software under gpl, like
amsn, pidgin, ekiga, teamspeak etc... ?

why should non-free be encouraged while free left unaccessible or
unoptimized ?

Why shouldn't skype users be invited to switch to other better tools? why does people uses skype with a maximum of person limits, while teamspeak servers autorize to talk together even if you are about 120 users ? (joke)


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