Re: [orca-list] Pronunciation dictionary is not working

Hi Hermann:

Sounds like a typo. And yep, it was. :-( My fault. That's what I get for splitting time between my family and providing support for Orca on my weekends. :-( I usually double check the commands, but I was under a bit of pressure to play Pokeman yesterday. As a result, the free support you got yesterday was unfortunately worth every penny you paid for it.

Try this, and please double check just in case I accidentally added a command to make it do something like "rm -rf /":

import orca.chnames
orca.chnames.chnames['"'] = 'zitat'
orca.chnames.chnames['<'] = 'kleiner'
orca.chnames.chnames['>'] = 'groesser'


PS - No, there isn't a way to set this up via the graphical UI. Please open an enhancement request if you think there should be a way.

On Mar 9, 2009, at 5:07 AM, Hermann wrote:

On 08.03.2009 at 22:08:47 Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM> wrote:
If you want to change the spoken word for a character, and you are
using gnome-speech, you might try something like this:

import orca.chnames
orca.chnames.chnames['"', 'zitat']
orca.chnames.chnames['<', 'kleiner']
orca.chnames.chnames['>', 'groesser']

Hope this helps,

Sorry, it does not.
I deleted the entries from the pronunciation dictionary, and then I
appended manually your entries to my
After restarting Orca, I get set back to the first start, e. g. all my
settings have gone, and the set up dialogue appears.

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