Re: [orca-list] Pronunciation dictionary is not working

The pronunciation dictionary is for words, whereas what you're trying to do is create pronunciation for non-alphabetic characters such as punctuation characters. These characters are used for delineating words, so they won't be passed to the pronunciation dictionary.

When you are arrowing around, Orca will use the sayCharacter function to speak the character, and this will ultimately use the dictionary if you are using gnome-speech (speechdispatcher has a different philosophy/means for speaking characters, so Orca relies upon speechdispatcher to do the right thing).

If you want to change the spoken word for a character, and you are using gnome-speech, you might try something like this:

import orca.chnames
orca.chnames.chnames['"', 'zitat']
orca.chnames.chnames['<', 'kleiner']
orca.chnames.chnames['>', 'groesser']

Hope this helps,


Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza wrote:
Hi Hermann,
Yes, I try to test changing the pronunciation of the char " and it didn't work very well.
When writing this message I could observe the following:

1) If I type the char ", it is echoed by orca without respect the pronunciation dictionary.

2) The same behavior if I review the message using the left and right cursor keys.

3) Pronunciation dictionary is respected if I review the message using up and down keys.

On 08-03-2009 13:51, Hermann wrote:
I customized a few characters in the pronunciation tab of Orca, but they
were not spoken as defined.
Here's the part of the that contain the entries:

# User customized pronunciation dictionary settings
import orca.pronunciation_dict

orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('"', 'zitat')
orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('<', 'kleiner')
orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('>', 'groesser')

import orca.orca_state

except AttributeError:
orca.orca_state.orcaCustomizations = __import__("orca-customizations")
     except ImportError:

What's wrong?

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