Re: [orca-list] Pronunciation dictionary is not working

Hi Hermann,
Yes, I try to test changing the pronunciation of the char " and it didn't work very well.
When writing this message I could observe the following:

1) If I type the char ", it is echoed by orca without respect the pronunciation dictionary.

2) The same behavior if I review the message using the left and right cursor keys.

3) Pronunciation dictionary is respected if I review the message using up and down keys.

On 08-03-2009 13:51, Hermann wrote:
I customized a few characters in the pronunciation tab of Orca, but they
were not spoken as defined.
Here's the part of the that contain the entries:

# User customized pronunciation dictionary settings
import orca.pronunciation_dict

orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('"', 'zitat')
orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('<', 'kleiner')
orca.pronunciation_dict.setPronunciation('>', 'groesser')

import orca.orca_state

except AttributeError:
         orca.orca_state.orcaCustomizations = __import__("orca-customizations")
     except ImportError:

What's wrong?

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