Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu 9.04 installation instructions via Orca

Hi Willie, I think the fact that Ubuntu 9.04 has been given such a hard time
is actually testament to its high standards. Ubuntu is by far the easiest
version of 
Linux for a beginner to get up and running from a hardware point of view etc
because people expect Ubuntu to be perfect everytime they are subsequently
when it isn't as perfect as they expect. So I wouldn't take this negatively.
Secondly many of the problems that have effected 9.04 are not directly
related to Orca
or other accessibility software but more basic things like xorg etc which
a lot of problems for certain video cards etc. So many of the things that
persuaded me to switch Vinux to Debian was a whole host of problems, that
with the screen-reader option did not fix. So it is the rapid release cycle,
the intergration
of pulseAudio along with xorg and compiz etc that were the straws that broke
the camels back.

I have tried OpenSolaris and while I was able to start it up and use Orca
with admin apps etc,
I found that it didn't support as much hardware as Ubuntu and the package
choice was a little limited.
But it looks very slick and I am sure if you keep working on it will become
more and more
accessible. The one thing that Debian seems to offer at the moment is very
responsive speech
using Orca, Speech-Dispatcher and Alsa, and I haven't been able to reproduce
this on any other distro
Ubuntu and OpenSolaris included. Not sure why this is but there seems to be a
significant difference.

You must realise by now that software development can be a thankless task. No
matter what you do
or how much effort you put in, someone won't be happy or want more features.;
They have
no conception of how much time, effort and testing this requires and as your
work is
dependant on so many other developers you can't control everything. I think
the key thing to remember
is that we are all on the same side working for the same goals, and it is OK
for people
to disagree about the best way to do things, ultimately it is the users who
vote with their fingers and use what they feel works best for them. So I say
keep up the good work
and try to take any criticism or negative posts with a pinch of salt. You do
a great job with
the Orca mailing list and doing great things with OpenSolaris. I wish you
every success and it is great that a company is taking accessibility

Vive la difference


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