Re: [orca-list] Vinux 1.3 Released!


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 12:09:41PM +0100, Hermann wrote:
On 24.02.2009 at 11:22:27 Labrador <labrad0r edpnet be> wrote:

Hi Bob:
1: the need for special distros with a specific target have its origin in
the way things have been done wrongly in previous versions of Ubuntu,
especially since Gutsy->since braille autodetection have been
removed/prohibited, + since Hardy where the braille-device parameter was
completely wrongly formulated in /etc/brltty.conf, + run_brltty set to no

If this is true, why do you insist to build Vinux on this inappropriate

1: its built based on Intrepid NOT on Gutsy
2: its fixed in Vinux, read the site's info:
automated braille detection + gnome started up + automated login +
automated orca&espeak started. Need more? see version 1.3 released

2: the way Ubuntu does implement accessibility is totally the unadequate
people have blindly to choose their country and keyboard, then choose the
wanted accessibility feature (still blindly): alternate answers like
Adriane, Grml and Vinux may help some people whichfore the current Ubuntu
offer since Gutsy and until now is insufficient

One note of clarification regarding GRML: It is not at all a "special
solution" for the blind and/or visually impaired. It is a regular Linux,
and it is designed to rely mainly on a text based version; a small GUI
is added, but inaccessible, Xwindow managers are Fluxbox and Wmii.
Brltty and Speakup have been added to make the standard GRML accessible,
the "small" versions are not.
Adriane is a different story, which to tell goes far beyond this list.

OK, yes you're right: Adriane is more near Vinux than Grml is (Grml is more
near Knoppix in its beginning long time ago: I had used it for rescue
3: comparing with Debian the Ubuntu installer is much more unfriendly than
the way the Debian team has concepted the D-I (Debian Installer):
instead of criticating you better ask yourself why does some crazy people 
take all their spare time to build alternates to the mainstream distros ?

So I strongly would suggest to build the coming Vinux versions on Debian
Lenny instead of Ubuntu. Your main problem - that annoying Pulseaudio
stuff - does not exist there.

The problem I encounter with Debian is that the details clearly show it is
really built for the more advanced/professional user, while Ubntu is really
finetuned for lambda (ex-Win$ user) + packages are more recent as you know.
No its not because I'm a little bit criticating the accessibility-part of
the Ubntu installer that Ubntu itself is deprecated, non no I haven't said
There are simply some elementary things that I want to see definitely
corrected in Ubuntu, and that concerns the accessibility and brltty and the
way we have to blindly choose things, that's all.

4: Finally, the problem is not one of "segretgating ourselve" but the question
"does developers still listen to the street / to the people's needs?"
I have serious doubts sometimes, and that's really frustrating,
as it is frustrating to see bad bugs re-appearing or new one again and again
as if everytime the hole thing have to be reinvented.
What better answer can you give to such persistent situations? nothing but
an Adriane, Grml, Vinux IMHO.   

Generally spoken: Do women segregate themselves when insisting to have
their own projects? I think a naiv integrationism is out of date, and
we shouldn't fall back to it. Things ain't that simple.



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